====={{infobox album
| name       = well shit I missed the chance to call a track again
| image      = Image:tfwnoimage
| imagewidth = 250
| artist     = The Dicklick Brigade
| released   = August 10, 2013
| recorded   = August 10, 2013
| length     = 1:36
| producer   = tide/greyblob

"well shit I missed the chance to call a track again " is the 95th studio album by the dicklick brigade.

The album was appreciated by critics, Kermit giving an 8.1, Fantano stating "eh, a flat 8", and many crittics being POPPED IN

Notability Edit

The album was marketed by the DLB to compete with doris. Crossaints and Popped in were repeaded for 2deep4u hipster indie garbage.

Also notable was the return of Kid A, who reviewed his vinyl collection. Many critics noted his voice changed from his first album, Welp while many critics argue that it isn't Kid A. A post on the thread says that the autistic kid has moved on to a synthpop band.

Track ListingEdit