UK Garage Will Never Die But You Will
The Dicklick Brigade
Released February 1, 2014
Recorded February 1, 2014
Length 68:08
Produced by popebread !7qm651GBkw

UK Garage Will Never Die But You Will is the one-hundred-and-second studio album by The Dicklick Brigade, originally recorded and released on February 1, 2014. This was the first DLB studio album produced off the cuff since MalcolmMooney's hiatus began, provided by a mysterious cast of Dick Lickers. The album is available for download here: no active link The original thread can be viewed here: [1]


Produced suddenly in the absence of Malcom Mooney, DLB's supposedly 101st comeback album is actually not a comeback album. Uniamously decided by critics and fans alike, UK Garage is really nothing more than "an irrelvant side-EP composed of afterthoughts and b-sides".

Offcial release for the album struggled in pressing, packaging and promotion. Funding for the album was shotty. Only 100 copies were pressed worldwide. Most people would only hear about the existence of the album through Spotify streams, trackers, blogs, or music publications discussing or reviewing the album.

Many bootlegs surfaced as a result for the diehards. Any real copy would prove to be a hard find.


  1. "Saturday's Collaborative A Shit" - 6:02
  2. "Oh god i love emo boys they are so cute i wish i could suck one of their cocks one day" - 7:57
  3. "If Anything, I'll Be the One in the Kitchen =D" - 4:16
  4. "Headbuddy watching porn" - 0:33
  5. "It's Like Death Grips, But Quieter" - 4:10
  6. "Hey baby I'll suck your big black dick for 2 dollars" - 3:11
  7. "my smooth boipussy hungers for cocks" - 1:41
  8. "Bjork is black" - 1:48
  9. "If I Had A Dollar For Every Track On This Album That Didn't Suck, I'd Have One Dollar" - 2:31
  10. "Who took a shit on my Silent Hill 2 disc?" - 1:05
  11. "Uk Garage Will Never Die But Anti-Gun Laws Will" - 25:17
  12. "Deakin is Love, Deakin is Life" - 3:50
  13. "Bonny Bear Injects 420 Heroin needles" - 3:08
  14. "wow" - 0:49
  15. "dicklicking and brigade reunited by fate" - 1:57


"Uk Garage Will Never Die But Anti-Gun Laws Will" was not broadcast during the initial listen along because whoever streamed the album a shit.

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