The Dicklick Brigade Rises
The Dicklick Brigade
Released August 7, 2011
Recorded August 7, 2011
Length 35:42
Produced by anon

The Dicklick Brigade Rises is the ninth studio album by the Dicklick Brigade, originally recorded and released on August 7, 2011. It is available for download here: You may view the original thread here: [1]

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Are You Insanity Loves 2 69" – 0:06
  2. "That Feel When You Have Watery Poop Running Down Your Leg While On a First Date With the Woman of Your Dreams, But She Turns Out to Be a MtoF Transsexual" – 0:34
  3. "What the fuck? All these song titles are gay. I'm disappointed in you guys." – 1:39
  4. "Nigga Fuck That's My Second Get in this Thread (Are You Insanity)" – 0:37
  5. "Are You Insanity :)" – 4:43
  6. "p4k your bags" – 1:33
  7. "This is what happens when you let song titles get so long that they don't fit in your iTunes display box, or, fuckin' Illinoise, motherfucker, or, my dick is too long to fit in my pants, or, motherfucker = 90210" – 2:05
  8. "Terraflux Awkward" – 9:33
  9. "Get Down Wit Da Clown Nigga (feat. ICP)" – 2:19
  11. "Itunes Bonus Track: The Song (Zune Bonus Track)" – 1:28
  12. "Fruity loops 10 fucking sucks please end my life" – 1:42
  13. "The Godzilla and Megatron Friday Night Sleepover (lolllsorandumXD)" – 1:17
  14. "The First Time I Heard Evelyn, Evelyn I Shit Out of My Penis (A Homage)" – 2:26
  15. "Tommy Yorko's Robot Penis Sure is CREEPing Me Out" – 3:53

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