The Dicklick Brigade (Blue Album)
The Dicklick Brigade
Released March 22, 2014
Recorded March 22, 2014
Length 48:54
Produced by MalcolmMooney !PU7RvqMA5.

The Dicklick Brigade (Blue Album) is the one-hundred-and-third studio album by The Dicklick Brigade, originally recorded and released on March 22, 2014. Malc's decision to spearhead this project was a spur-of-the-moment decision. He asserts that this does not represent a full-time comeback. The album is available for download here: [1] The original thread can be viewed here: [2]


Although produced by Malc this time around, DLB's next album was still not a comeback.

When questioned as to why they still make studio albums if there is no real comeback, the band, along with Malc replied, "For the money, faggots." Indeed, there was a clause in their contract to have them keep producing studio hits to gain some amount of shekels from time to time.


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  5. "BH Ideas" - 1:33
  6. "tannasin" - 13:04
  7. "Brian McMahan's Awkward Q&A" - 2:04
  8. "Fanfiction" - 1:19
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  10. "UK Garage Will Never Die, But You Will" - 3:06
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  12. "NOLOVEDEEPWUB (New Improved 2014 Mix)" - 4:22
  13. "Typical Week" - 1:59
  14. "მე ვერ ვგრძნობ fEELS" - 1:27

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