The Brutal Penetrators (Because Dicklick Brigade Turned To Mainstream Pop Shit)
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Nobody knows. Nobody cares.


Avant-Garde Rap-Techno with post-latin-pop influences

Years Active

2012 - ????


Loving J. Christ Records

Associated Acts

The Dicklick Brigade

Current Members



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The Brutal Penetrators, also know by their full name The Brutal Penetrators (Because Dicklick Brigade Turned To Mainstream Pop Shit) is a spin-off of popular[CITATION NEEDED] recording artists The Dicklick Brigade founded on June 17, 2012.

The 'band' [CITATION NEEDED] is comprised of the parents and associates of forty-six members of The Dicklick Brigade. Their output is mainly Avant-Garde Rap-Techno with Post-Latin-Pop influences.

TBP is currently on indefinite hiatus until all hell freezes over.[CITATION NEEDED]


When all involved realized that this project was destined to become even more mainstream and successful [CITATION NEEDED] than The DLB, the idea was instantly abandoned.

It was then casually discarded like an STD-ridden used condom [CITATION NEEDED]

Current MembersEdit

None of the original DLB are involved in this project.

Past MembersEdit

All of them.

Frequent CollaboratorsEdit

Ditzy !Doo/vyK/4Y (Producer)


See also: The Dicklick Brigade (Discography)


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