Syringe Vagina Disease EP
Syringe Vagina Disease EP
The Dicklick Brigade
Released June 20, 2011
Recorded June 20, 2011
Length 10:01
Produced by anon

Syringe Vagina Disease EP is the second release and first E.P. by the Dicklick Brigade, originally recorded and released on June 20, 2011. One of the many and early recorded works by the band that would bring them notoriety and worldwide success, many fans cherish Syringe Vagina Disease as a Dicklick classic. It is available for download here: You can view the original thread here: [1]

Track ListingEdit

  1. "FaceVersusFloor" – 1:03
  2. "OSO NIGGEROUS" – 3:03
  4. "Post-avant Jazzcore fucking sucks" – 1:55
  5. "The Disturbing Noises Coming From Joel & Sonny's Hotel Room Pt. 2" – 1:09
  6. "The Disturbing Noises Coming From Joel & Sonny's Hotel Room" – 1:43
  7. "these titles are all fucking horrible" – 0:58
  8. "Al Green Wants Ram Yurt Mom (Featuring Al Green)" – 1:43

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