"I just blue myself."



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Remix Artisté and Certified face-painter at DLB gigs

Instruments Played

Audacity (Maestro)

Active Since

February 2012 - Present

redbluegreen is a H.A.M. anon with no musical talent whatsoever. This makes him a PERFECT 10.0 BNM (best new multi-colored) in the role of a frequent collaborator for experimental 'musician' collective The Dicklick Brigade.

Overall unfunny. Too skinny for Lilliput's liking (she has standards now? Ha!). That feel general, basically.


redbluegreen is an avid promoter of "the magic of Audacity" [TM] which he uses to make SHITTY REMIXES of /mu/core songs with PHAT BEATS (with a P.H. bitches), DOPE LOOPS and MAD DROPS.


Originally a complete H.A.M., he was first exposed to the wonders of The DLB during the release of BFOS, redbluegreen was instantly overwhelmed by some utterly earth-shattering waves of sick bass and potato ladies, mang. When he recovered he knew only one thing: he must become involved.

Sometime around the production of RFBBFPCOTDHSRDRAMICOD, he received a mysterious sealed invitation from MalcolmMooney to meet up in his batcave. Apparently, The Manager knew all about his desires and dreams (due to lots of stalking and whatnot) and had an interesting proposition.

The mission was simple: somehow make The DLB relevant again. Apparently whilst on a massive ego-trip, gigantic faggot Thomas Yorkshire had dreamed upon a cloud of puffy lotus flowers that the band needed help from a "multi-colored, talentless hack to produce some totally rad tracks". When pop-singer Katy Perry turned out to be unavailable, redbluegreen got the call.

So far, he has proven to be a semi-decent remixe artisté. Kinda-sorta-ish.

Dicklick Brigade ContributionsEdit

The first sort-of-track he submitted was the final track to Rerolling for based butts for president Check out these DUBS homie skrillex remix (deadmouse remix) aka me in charge of dubs which was just "One last woo-hoo for the Pullman" taken from Illinois and given a dumb title using an overdone joke.

His first super-serious-guys real track was the epic finale to Summer !.Faggot7Aw, "The Result of Lazare's Steamy Affair with Rainbow Dash" (which was really just "Communist Daughter" with "semen" badly looped for about 30 seconds).

redbluegreen followed this up by contributing two tracks to UtahJazz remains unnoticed: "In the Backseat of the Chick-Fil-A Drive Thru" and "If I open up my girls and bros sport doesn't hear it, does Panda Bear still do the chores?", which again were /mu/core remixes.

Provided "Eye Pt.1" and "Eye Pt. 2" on The smell of Alice Glass feet which was just Geoff Mangum saying "Christ" over two tracks for two minutes.

Submitted "Literally drum and bass" to DLB Does DnB which was literally drums and bass, a joke which everyone saw coming. His crowning achievement was the surprisingly not-that-bad opener to Doubles is a way of life. which he also named (protip: "Rosie Oh actually is the best track on Centipede Hz"), overall setting the tone and generally not-that-terrible atmosphere the rest of the would eventually have.

Also contributed four tracks to the DLB Does DLB (tracks 8, 11, 12, 14).

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