Lee Carvalho's Putting Challenge
Album art
The Dicklick Brigade
Released June 28, 2011
Recorded June 28, 2011
Length 54:05
Produced by anon

Lee Carvalho's Putting Challenge is the fifth studio album by the Dicklick Brigade and their first studio album since the 5-day hiatus after I Love You Anna Karina <3 (EP); originally recorded and released on June 28, 2011. It is available for download here: You can view the original thread here: [1]


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Pitchfork's review of Lee Carvalho's Putting Challenge.

During the band’s hiatus, the band would take the time experimenting with their post-avant dreamfunk sound, and playing live shows at Thom York's Anus. Geoff Magnum dropped out of the group due to clashing problems with the band and fans were not very impressed with their last effort, putting pressure on the band on which direction to take. After much vacationing and realizing that post avant jazzcore is better than progressive dreamfunk, Geoff was welcomed back into the band. This marked the end of Dicklick’s hiatus, who then went into the studio to record a new album entitled “Lee Carvalho's Putting Challenge”.

Their single, "Hooray I Got Doubles on /mu/!" was an instant hit, selling 15 copies in twelve different countries. The album was released to overwhelming rave reviews, while buttmad fanboys who didn’t like Geoff’s contribution continued to say The Holocaust Was a Lie is their best work.

Pitchfork allegedly noted the album as "The best release so far. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Fuck Yeah (feat. Phil Selway)" – 1:00
  2. "OH MY GFUCKING FDO ft. Jake" – 2:17
  3. "Hooray, I Got Doubles on /mu/!" – 1:24
  4. "Toothpick Under Toenail" – 1:42
  5. "Ponies Are Cute" – 2:21
  6. "That pic of rarity is cute" – 0:40
  7. "Belive in Beibus" – 5:10
  8. "It keeps happening" – 3:29
  9. "Who knows, maybe it's nightime in the Americas." – 5:43
  10. "Aeiou Aeiou John Madden John Madden uuuuuuuuu!?!?" – 3:39
  11. "I hate my life (Dedicated to Seth Putnam)" – 1:06
  12. "(Bonnus Tarp)" – 3:06
  13. "ITeAerplnOeTSa" – 1:43
  15. "Insane Freestyle, Live at Thom Yorke's Anus Part 1" – 3:36
  16. "Insane Freestyle, Live at Thom Yorke's Anus Part 2" – 3:10
  17. "Swag*" – 12:26
  • Contains a hidden cover of Justin Bieber's "Baby" after 8 minutes