Cheesy Made Easy
Cheesy Made Easy
The Dicklick Brigade
Released June 1, 2013
Recorded June 1, 2013
Length 43:57
Produced by MalcolmMooney !PU7RvqMA5.

Cheesy Made Easy is the eighty-sixth studio album by The Dicklick Brigade, originally recorded and released on June 1, 2013. The album is a celebration of all things dairy and was produced in cooperation with Kraft Foods Inc. Its short length and inclusion of only five bonus tracks represents a longing for a return to the classic format of DLB. It is available for download here: [1] The original thread can be viewed here: [2].

Track ListingEdit

  1. "bukkake surprise" - 3:11
  2. "Haemorrhoid's Travesty by Cans of Bradoa." - 2:48
  3. "Potato-garde (slightly solid)" - 0:11
  4. "Dave Coulier Gets a Touchdown" - 0:41
  5. "Aegean orgasm" - 7:00
  6. "I wish I was at Disnyeland" - 3:46
  7. "holy spirit is cool" - 1:37
  8. "Park My Car, Fuck Your Bitch, Your Choice, Lil Man" - 11:12
  9. "I'm tired of Naming Tracks I Won't Even GET (Chicha's Anthem of Doom)" - 2:23
  10. "scruffy pls go" - 3:06
  11. "Fuck My Hot Butt" - 1:46
  12. "first i fuck my car then i eat yo bitch" - 0:52
  13. "hey guys i just discovered sample packs check this shit out" - 3:29
  14. "tonite" - 1:35
  15. "cheezefood" - 0:29

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