Charlie the Cat
CharlieTheCat Musician
"Everybody wants to be a cat"


Charlie the Cat

Real Name

Charlie the Cat




Session Musician

Instruments Played

Jazz Flute, Piano, Drums, Guitar, Saxophone

Active Since


Charlie the Cat, most commonly referred to as "the Cat", is a world renowned Jazz musician, Kitty-Kat and former afficiando of the experimental 'musician' collective The Dicklick Brigade.


Charlie the Cat is a kitty that loves smooth Jazz. He was inspired by the classic war propoganda science-fiction masterpiece: Aristocats, more specifically the song "Everybody Wants To Be A Cat" to start his musical career.

Unlike his former DLB bandmates; the Cat is an accomplished musician, playing Saxophone, Piano and Jazz Flute among others.


As well as his work with The Dicklick Brigade, the Cat has had a diverse and successful solo recording career. This is his current focus.

He has also caught several birds and mice.


"Charlie the Cat"

Dicklick Brigade ContributionsEdit

Most specifically, the Cat contributed to his namesake album "Charlie the Cat ", released on October 23, 2011.

See: Discography


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