Cease is the worst person alive
The official band logo (as of 2012)


A drunken haze, circa. June 2012


lol genre

Years Active

2012 - Present


Loving J. Christ Records, #BASED Records

Associated Acts

The Dicklick Brigade

Current Members

Geoff Mangum
Thomas Yorkshire
Steve Stapleton


Try Google, retard. PSSSHHHHHHH.

Cease is the worst person alive is a pathetic excuse for a band officially formed in a Dutch Gay-Bar: de mannen hebben strakke kontjes on June 9, 2012.

Initially considered as a potential replacement for The Dicklick Brigade by it's founders, Geoff Mangum and Thomas Yorkshire and Armenian Idol 2006 3rd runner-up Steve Stapleton who had wanted to dissociate themselves from the 'mainstream garbage' that the previous band had become.

After 2 albums, CITWPA has quickly been acknowledged as being pretty fucking terrible, raping music as we know it into oblivion and rustling jimmies across the universe.

CITWPA is currently on indefinite hiatus until all involved can get their shit together.


Fuck if I know/care.

Current MembersEdit

Geoff Mangum

Thomas Yorkshire

Steve Stapleton

Past MembersEdit


Frequent CollaboratorsEdit

sam !1CreRGKd/6 (Producer)

M'Bali (Composer)

The Botswanan Symphony Orchestra


See also: The Dicklick Brigade (Discography)


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